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In this post, the disassembled the laptop is Lenovo G470, it is very similar with Lenovo G475, so if your laptop is Lenovo G475, you also can do as per the instuction.


At first, you need to turn off your laptop, unplug the powe adapter and remove the battery.


1. Turn over your laptop, remove the secrew securing the optical driver, then then gently pull the optical drive out in the direction shown by arrow.


2. Loosen the screws as shown, but do not remove them. Remove the HDD/Memory/CPU/Mini PCI ExpressCard slot compartment cover.

3. Remove two screws. Pull the HDD bracket in the direction shown by arrow. Take out the hard disk drive secured in a metal frame.


4. Release the two latches on both edges of the socket at the same time, and then unplug the DIMM.


5. Unplug the fan cable, remove the three screws, then remove the Lenovo g470 G475 CPU Fan.


6. Remove the five spring screws, lift and remove the heatsink. If you need to replace the CPU, now, you can rotate the head of the screw to release the lock, then remove the CPU. CPU is extremely sensitive. When you service the CPU, avoid any kind of rough handling.


7. Disconnect the two wireless LAN cables (black, white) , and then remove the screw, you can remove the wireless LAN card.


8. Remove the keyboard. You can refer to the post  How to replace Lenovo G470 G472 keyboard.


9. Remove all the screws as shown on the bottom. Then open the computer , remove one screw and detach two FPC connectors shown. After that, lift the keyboard bezel.


10.Unplug the video cable frmo the main board. Pull out the two antenna cables from the guide hole and release them from the cable guides.


11.Remove the screws securing the hinges. Then you can remove the LCD unit.


Reverse the procedure to assebmle Lenovo G470 / G475.


We supply below parts for Lenovo G470 / G475.

Lenovo G470 G475 Battery

Lenovo G470 G475 keyboard

Lenovo g470 G475 CPU Fan
Lenovo G470 G475 Hinges

Lenovo G470 G475 LCD Cable 


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