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In this guide, the actual laptop is HP Pavilion DM4. The DM4-1000 series and DV5-2000 series laptop should be similar. 

1. Turn off your HP Pavilion DM4, disconnect the power adapter and remove the battery.
2. Remove 2 screws securing the memory bay cover, then remove the memory bay cover.

3. Remove 2 screws securing the hard driver cover, then remove the hard driver cover.

4. Remove the two screws as shown, they secure the HP Pavilion DM4 keyboard.
5. Now, turn the laptop rightside up and open it up. Pull the keyboard frame upward and set the keyboard on its face to gain access to the keyboard lockdown cable. Unlock the keyboard cable. To do this, lift up on the hinged lockdown clip approx. 90 degrees.
6. Now, just slide out the keyboard cable and install you new HP Pavilion DM4 keyboard.
Notice, some of HP Pavilion DM4 keyboards is with backlit, if so, you need to unplug the backlit cable before you remove the keyboard.

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Enzo 25/05/2012

Nice tutorial. I have a DM4 and I was actually trying to replace the keyboard with one that have backlit, unfortunately I cannot find any tutorial that teaches it. I am not sure if mine has the
zero insertion force (ZIF) connector. Can you give me some help? my notebook is a HP Pavilion dm4-1165dx Entertainment Notebook PC
Serial number (S/N): 2MC0440VS4.

Enzo Ozawa 29/05/2012

Hi, after posting that comment I Opened my notebook to check about the ZIF connector, well, there is none. I searched for some tutorial on how to solder it and found some info in this website
saddly nothing concrete or flawless one of the guys even burned his mother board, so not safe at all. Can you help with such tutorial?? Cheers!!!


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