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In this guide, the acutal laptop is Lenovo Thinkpad X60.

First of all,  shut down your  Thinkpad X60. Disconnect the AC adapter and remove the battery.

1. Remove all screws shown in the picture. If you just want to replace the Thinkpad X60 keyboard or the cell on the motherboard, you only need to unscrew the screws in red cycles. The screws in yellow cycles secure the DIMM cover, and the screw in green cycle secures the hard disk drive slot cover. The screws in blue cycles secure the keyboard bezel. If thinkpad X61, the screws are different, just remove all the secrews on the bottom.
2. Remove all screws and remove the DIMM cover.
3. Remove the keyboard. You can refer to another post How to Replace Lenovo / IBM Thinkpad X60 X61 Keyboard.

4. Unscrews the five screws in blue cycles and unplug the palm rest cable.
5. Now, you can remove the keyboard bezel.  Disconnect the video cable, unplug the Modem cable, tear the tape fixing the wireless wan cable, then unplug the wireless wan cable.

6. All cables were unplugged.

7. Now, take out the motherboard.

8. Turn over the motherboard you can access the whole cooling module. Unscrew the four screws, and unplug the fan cable, you can remove the thinkpad X60 fan and heatsink now.
If you just want to replace the fan, you can unscrew four screws on the fan, then you can take down the fan.

Reverse the procedure to install the new thinkpad X60 fan and assemble your laptop. Don't forgot to apply thermal grease on chips of the heatsink.

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Kenneth Browne 22/07/2013

I just used this guide to replace the heatsink and fan assembly on my Lenovo X60. I have a couple of suggestions to add to the instructions.

After removing dimm cover should one remove DIMMS or not?
Likewise, should the hard disk be removed, or not?

A "caution" should point out that the two screws (marked by blue circles) near the hinges are right beside two other screws. Two are for the hinges and two are part of the bezel retention.
I didn't notice it so when I got to the point of removing the top bezel so I ended up breaking one of the contact points. I had removed one of the screws involved with the hinge. I was still able
to reassemble my laptop OK but after being extremely cautious about not losing those tiny screws it was disappointing to end up with ONE LEFT OVER. There was no way I could superglue the broken
piece of plastic that had the brass threaded insert.

Tardus 21/04/2014

Great tutorial - especially the annotated photos. My fan was getting very noisy, and I was able to get at it readily. The only difference was that my fan (x60s) was not secured with 4 screws, but
rather 3 bent over tabs. With these pried back I was able to remove the fan cover and pull of the fan rotor; a gently pull is all that is needed. I put 1 drop of light oil into the bearing bush,
then pushed the rotor back on; it holds in by magnetic attraction. Once assembled again the Thinkpad is whisper quiet now.

To avoid mixing up the screws, I printed of the photos and pushed the screws into the paper at the appropriate places as I took them out.

Thanks a lot for this.


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