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First of all, please shut down your Dell Latitude D630 / D830. In this case, the actual laptop is Dell Latitude D630.

Dell D630 Keyboard

1. Turn the Dell Latitude D630 / D830 top-side up, and then open the display all the way (180 degrees) so that the display rests on your work surface.

2. Starting on the right side of the computer, use a plastic scribe to pry up the hinge cover. Lift the cover away from the computer going from the right toward the left, and lay the cover aside.

Dell D630 Keyboard

3. Remove the three screws across the top of the Dell Latitude D630 / D830 keyboard.

4. Rotate the Dell Latitude D630 / D830 keyboard up 90-degrees and lay it on the palm rest to gain access to the keyboard connector.

5. If the keyboard cable is held in place by a keyboard-cable lock arm next to the keyboard connector, carefully pivot the lock arm upward to uncover the cable.

6. Pull up on the pull-tab to disconnect the keyboard cable connector from the keyboard connector on the system board.

7. Now you can remove the keyboard from your Dell Latitude D630 / D830.

8. Reverse the procedure to install your new Dell Latitude D630 / D830 keyboard.

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