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First of all, turn off your Sony Vaio VPC-EA laptop. Disconnect the power adapter and remove the battery.

1.  Turn the Sony Vaio VPC-EA laptop upside down. Remove the two screws as shown in Pic1.

2. Turn the laptop over and open it as far as possible . Then, lift up the Sony Vaio VPC-EA keyboard, first from the back above the function keys and then on the side of the keyboard. There are ten clips holding the keyboard down as shown in Pic2.  Then the keyboard along with its frame should pop out.

3. Please rest the Sony Vaio VPC-EA keyboard on palmrest, now you can access the keyboard cable which is attached to the motherboard.

4. Pull the brown lockdown tab towards you. Be careful not to pull too hard as this part is flimsy. Only open it far enough to remove the cable. Slide out the keyboard cable.


Now, you can remove the keyboard. Reverse the procedure to install your new Sony Vaio VPC-EA keyboard.

Notice: The frame of the keyboard can be taken down. Some vendors sell the keyboard which doens't include the frame, you can use your original frame.

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